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  • Wireless System
  • Single or both hook monitering and displays the load on hook. It provides independent Visual + Audible indications on display for these conditions: > Overload condition
    > Wire rope slack condition
    > Hook Over hoist condition
  • Fail Safe Operation, relay operation when cable break, signal out of range, ensuring 100% safety
  • Cut off/Tripping function implementation by relays, > Overload,
    > Wire rope slack,
    > Fail safe condition
  • Five user programmable set-points for status conditions
  • Tare Facility LCD Display with exceptional clarity
  • Auto Load summation displayed when two hooks are monitored
  • Cabin mounted Display, Rugged with Ingress rating: IP65
  • Load sensor, bettery powered, battery life > 6 months
  • Operating Distance 50~150 meters
  • No alteration in existing system
  • Fast Installation, can be done in minute, no specific tools required.
  • Simple Calibration, using in built keypad
  • Control digital processing, fst, accurate and reliable
  • Wide range Power supply input: 90V ~ 260 VAC
  • Operating temperature: -10 ~ 70 degree C
Optional Facilities
> Additional Cabin display can be provided
> Data logger facility provided
> Remote monitering through GPRS connectivity
> Remote monitering through Wi-Fi connectivity
> Load summation display when two cranes are operating in tandem
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